You are important to GOD!
So, why ignore HIS message?

God's Message

When we cannot deny the tough reality of an End*** 
GOD has a survival plan!

RECORDING PREVIEW : Sunday on March 4th Broadcast:

Join me to hear the much needed Prophetic Word of the LORD for the Last Days.
On March 4th I talked about prophecies of Antichrist and "Latter Days Rains" - The LORD gave me a word about it. It is important from God's perspective, so it must be our priority too.
Join me and also share with your contacts. 

As the “Day of the LORD draws near”


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You will be blessed and be equipped for the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Iris Nasreen

Author: The Lord's voice cries to the city...Micah 6:9
Revival Speaker with a message from heart of God!